A Little About Myself

Having designed and managed complex network environments from small business to state and federal organizations for over 30 years, I’ve experienced my fair share of security compromises and the fear they instill in the most skilled administrators and users!

Today we live in a digital world where our lives are so deeply integrated with technology that our critical and very personal information is often only a few keystrokes away from being in the hands of skilled hackers capable of changing our lives dramatically. 

While impossible to keep all our important information off the great world-wide-web, stored in databases entrusted to companies we know nothing about, it’s important more now than ever that we learn to minimize that footprint and make intelligent decisions as to what and where we place and use any and all personal information.

My goal for this website is to share my own experience and knowledge as well as others I highly respect via articles, videos, podcast, etc. that can hopefully help keep your lives as private as possible while still able to comfortably use online resources required to live a reasonably normal life and enjoy the online social tools, games, etc. that keep us in touch with friends and family.

Some go totally crazy with every conspiracy theory out there and do everything possible to completely hermit themselves from the internet world. Far more however live their lives in total ignorance and disregard for their personal security and privacy downloading everything, clicking on everything that looks remotely enticing, and then wondering how they got that virus, how their credit card was compromised, etc.

My goal is to meet you in the middle ( recognizing that’s a relative term that can have a different meaning between us ), showing you how to keep your computer, cell phone, and tablets secure and private and how to use the internet and other technologies wisely using great preventative tools, and most of all, good common sense.

-Blane Sheffield